Attorney Fee Awards

Attorney Fee Awards: a handbook for attorneys

Attorney Fee Awards is a litigator's compact handbook, a quick read with concise law summaries, legal forms, expert witness deposition question outlines, plus proven tactics from a top trial lawyer!

Attorney Fee Awards give you:

  • law summaries,
  • legal forms,
  • deposition question outlines,
  • plus legal fees claim tactics advice.

"Read this handbook before you start working on your next new case. Attorney fee claim awards are now a leading cause of lawyer (or client) income (or disappointment). These time saving legal forms, plus proven tactics and concise law summaries, with advice on handling expert witnesses, help you win (or defeat) the claim in the fee shifting award dispute.

Most important -- the laser sharp advice in this handbook tells you what you need to do, from case intake to judgment."

This is a concise (about 200 pages) handbook--- about half of those pages are advice on procedures and practices, the other half are forms. That's what most busy trial attorneys want. This is NOT a multi-volume, multi-hundred dollar, textbook with comprehensive discussion of all the law in the United States and all the local variations of every state and federal court. Attorney Fee Awards: a handbook IS a quick read that gets you moving in the right direction, so that you as an attorney can find your way efficiently. This handbook gives you the law, tactics, and legal forms that they did not give you in law school.

Now, you can have practical attorney fee claim litigation forms and a quick read of the fundamental law, tips, plus also having the tactics that seasoned attorney fee award claim and defense lawyers have been using for years. In fact, Attorney Fee Awards: a handbook is so compact and to the point, with so many useful tips and forms, that even experienced attorneys will think you a seasoned fee award litigator.

Law school courses omit telling you the practical tactics and practical law you need to know to recover, and defend against, attorney fees claims and awards. That was a big omission in your law school education for today's law practice. (Not your fault; it's just that law schools don't know that in today's legal world, attorney fees are important!)

At the start of the case, before it is too late, on either side of the case, you must know the tips and tactics for proving or disproving attorney fees, including how to handle the expert witness that may be disclosed only late in the cae We cannot overemphasize --- counsel on both sides each need to have a compact handbook at the start of the case - Attorney Fee Awards: a handbook for attorneys.

Read the handbook before cases come in the door, so you

  • Know the basics of attorney fee awards for that case, and
  • Know what needs to be in your time records, as soon as the case starts.

Leonard Bucklin

Dear Fellow Attorney,

The fact is, most attorneys don't get adequate reasonable attorney fee's awards --- or don't defeat fee awards when they are on the defense --- for one simple reason:

They simply don't know either: the fee-shifting opportunities that exist, or, the best tactics to use in legal fee claim disputes.

You don't have to be one of those attorneys!

Use your book --- with all its forms --- just minutes from now! We deliver electronically --- as the integrated last part of the purchase process, when your browser is automatically redirected to a new webpage. There's a link on the webpage for you to click to download your purchase.

Read it now. Print it now. This book is furnished in PDF format, right to your computer. It is not "shipped," with additional cost, expense, and delay. Importantly, the PDF is delivered "unlocked". That means you can copy and paste Attorney Fee Awards: a handbook for attorneys into your word processor. (The latest versions of Word or WordPerfect even allow you to open a PDF directly into your word processor program). Print and modify any form you need, just minutes from now.

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If you don't totally agree that the book with all its forms is worth every penny, simply tell us within 60 days to refund your money. You keep our book; we refund your money. What could be better!

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