Attorney Fee Awards

Attorney Fee Awards:

Expert Legal Fee Consultants.

In today's high-stakes litigation, when hundreds of thousands or millions of attorney fees become part of the case, just as you have consulting scientific or medical experts to help you prepare properly, you need a consulting attorney fees expert.

High-stakes: "a situation that has a lot of risk and in which someone is likely to either get or lose a lot of money."

The best trial attorneys --- in high stakes litigation --- know they need to take the time to prepare themselves by using a consultant legal fees expert. The preparation bears results both when they present the direct testimony of their own legal fees expert and also when they cross-examine the adverse expert.

In legal fee disputes --- trial judges are now often more educated on the legal requirements of proof than the lawyers. Today, the quality of the underlying documentary and testamentary proof of the underlying costs and work by the attorney is much, much, more important than it was last century.

A consulting attorney fees expert helps you prepare your case, your documents, and your witnesses' testimony to be focused and thorough, articulate, factually sound, and legally defensible.

Fees auditor. You may not want a testifying expert, but only an auditor to arm you with facts so that you yourself can negotiate a fee dispute to resolution. Or, a testifying or consulting expert may want to have a legal fees auditor do back office computations, assembling into usable forms and tables the time items asserted by the proponent. Why? Because there is a lot of detailed item by item computation underneath a proper expert opinion. In high-stakes litigation, with thousands of time entries, there is a need for the use of additional back-office personnel armed with the software, procedures, and expertise to properly follow the expert's requests for categorization into legal tasks done and also do the various directed computations regarding the time the billing attorney claims for specific tasks or claims.

One of our recommendations for an auditor of legal time records and the resulting fee bills is Accountability Services., Inc. Founded in 1991, Accountability Services has served businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 Companies and governmental organizations. The principal of Accountability Services is Judith A. Bronsther, Esq., who has written on the subject of legal cost control, and who lectures on the subject. For more information contact Accountability Services, Inc., 853 Broadway, Suite 1607 New York, NY 10107 (212.245.0245). []

Another of our recommendations for an auditor of legal time records and the resulting fee bills is Sterling Analytics, headed by David Paige. Sterling Analytics has a sizeable employee base and computational base because of its substantial involvement with large corporations in auditing the legal fee bills the corporation receives, with benchmarking against industry best-practices, and implementation of strategies to enforce cost controls. For the purposes of an expert witness testifying at trial, Sterling Analytics has the abilities do to the required categorization into legal tasks done and the computation of the time the billing attorney recorded as taking for specific tasks.