Attorney Fee Awards

Attorney Fee Awards: A Handbook for Attorneys

Table of Contents

Library Catalog Data: Compact reference book for attorneys regarding awards for attorney fees. Identifies essential law and legal tactics, practices, applicable to most cases. Includes forms. ISBN 1-60145-086-9. Law. Attorney Fees. Title: Attorney Fee Awards. Author: Bucklin, Leonard H. 199 pages. Published in two formats. Soft cover bound book published and printed in the United States of America by, Inc. (Bangor, ME, 2006). E-book published and distributed by LawyerTrialForms (Chandler, AZ, 2006 to 2024).

  • Chapter 01 Attorneys Fees as a Damage Element
  • Chapter 02 When Attorney's Fees Can be Obtained
  • Chapter 03 Definition of a Reasonable Attorney Fee
  • Chapter 04 The Ethics of Attorney's Fees
  • Chapter 05 Timekeeping for the Number of Hours Spent
  • Chapter 06 The Top Four Elements of Good Time Records
  • Chapter 07 Finding the Hours Reasonably Expended
  • Chapter 08 Other Factors Than Hours of Time
  • Chapter 09 Awards for Paralegal Time
  • Chapter 10 Awards for Prejudgment Interest
  • Chapter 11 Awards for Attorney Expenses
  • Chapter 12 Special Considerations in Settlements
  • Chapter 13 Traps in the Procedure for an Award
  • Chapter 14 Documents to Support an Attorney Fee Award - Forms
  • Chapter 15 Requesting an Attorney Fee Award - Forms
  • Chapter 16 Experts in Proving or Attacking Amount of Fees - Forms for Depositions or Testimony

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